LIVE BLOG: March Madness, Day 4 – The Empire Strikes Again

4:37 AM: Well, then. Upsets and close games galore last night. STOP TOYING WITH MY MIND AND HEART, MARCH.  By the way… Wichita State? TWO IN THE PINK, ONE IN THE STINK. (I will never forgive you for this, Joe Francis.)

1:03 PM: A late start for today’s live blog? Yeah, that’s my bad – Wichita State wore me out last night. SHOCKERS!!!

1:49 PM: Greatest bromance ever: “@NativeFlash22 (Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson): @JManziel2 (Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel) preciate ya big dog!!! ima be in college station for chili fest if we dont make final 4, gonna have ta link up”

3:15 PM: Iowa State got screwed HARD on that charge/block call. Temple is going to get     screwed because they’re playing Indiana. MARCH SCREWNESS!!!

5:14 PM: Indiana’s Victor Oladipo: *makes game-winning 3-pointer against Temple* “Survive and advance, baby. SURVIVE AND ADVANCE!!!” *is reminded by the sideline reporter that he might get drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats later this year* “I don’t want to advance anymore.”

7:43 PM: North Carolina/Kansas. This is what resulted:

10:06 PM: FGCU, now and forever.


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